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     I’ve been a fanatical guitarist for 30 years and a teacher for 20 years. I spent 10 years as Director of Education & Senior Instructor at Pyramind (audio production school in San Francisco, CA). As Senior Instructor I taught Pro Tools, Mixing & Mastering and Music Theory. I am a certified Pro Tools Expert with well over a dozen Avid certifications. I left Pyramind in 2016 to return to the Philadelphia area and launch Turning Point Music, focusing on guitar, lessons, mastering and music production. 

     Guitar credits include The Halo Anniversary and Iron Man II video games. Examples of my guitar and production work can be heard on Spotifythis site, bandcamp, and soundcloud. Examples of my mastering work can be heard here.

     I'm a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and Pyramind Training. I teach lessons out of the Turning Point Music studio in Ambler, George's Music, Richboro Music, and Online


(teaching at Pyramind)
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