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Great Review! "The best way to prevent yourself from banging your head against that wall. (10.0

Huge thanks to the amazing David Earl (aka SFLogicNinja) for this amazing review (from Taylor Robinson Music Website), "Bryan will give you the straight story on mixing. I have had the honor and pleasure of teaching classes in the same facility as Bryan, and found that our philosophies were aligned when it came to teaching, mixing, and mastering. That said, I was always mildly intimidated by Bryan's skill! Yes, Bryan is the kind of guy who will open a session from a client or student, gently shake his head, and then carve that mix out like a thanksgiving turkey. He is so skilled and crafty that you will wonder how, after all that work, a mix can sound natural, clean, dynamic, and punchy. Bryan is the kind of teacher that you won't forget. His knowledge comes from skilled application, and even though his principles are sound, he's willing to incorporate new techniques and methods. I miss Bryan a lot. You owe it to yourself to work with Bryan. Oh, I forgot to mention that he's also a SHREDDING guitarist. A phenomenal talent. So glad to see him here."

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